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August 2, 2019
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August 2, 2019

China Plastic Mold Steel Supplier


MILSTEEL is the fastest growing China Plastic mold steel supplier. We have hundreds of steel and related solutions for your business.  We have been working in the steel industry since 2008. We provide solutions to your plastic steel molding needs. Our objective is to manufacture and supply molds to the factories around China. We always found ourselves in a competitive situation. However, we are able to leverage our relationship with other suppliers for the provision of solutions. We offer our products in the most market competitive price.

Plastic mold tool steel, also called P20 steel is a low-alloy, versatile tool steel which is signified by excellent toughness at advanced strength levels. The plastic mold steel plate is generally used for plastic injection mold tooling, and cavities for dye casting dies for zinc. P20 mold steel is a common material for a pre-hardened condition at a hardness level of approximately 300 HBW.

Plastic mold tool steel varies from area to area in different countries. Generally, Europeans use standard materials (1.2311 and 1.2312), while Japan has the standard for steel industry named as P20. Plastic mold steel is the most customarily used element for molds in the plastic producing sector because of its unique properties. Some of the significant attributes include the ability of excellent polishing, hardness, good resistance to wear and tear, excellent resistance to abrasion, and heat treatment possibility after machining and excellent thermal stability. Further characteristics include surface workability and mirror finish ability.

China Plastic Mold Steel Supplier and Manufacturer

Pre-hardened mold steels are broadly used to manufacture a mold for plastic. The reason is the steel is quenched and tampered to 30/40 HRC, then composed into plastic for mold directly. The cracking and deformation of mold resulting from heat treatment can then be averted. However, synthetic mold tool steel is many a time tough to a machine for good machinability.

Some applications about mold steel include preform dies, mold parts, die-casting industry, machine tool engineering, mold frames and most importantly, the application in plastic mold industry.

Rapid development in plastic processing and new plastic applications need new grade steel. Apart from M2 high speed steel, we offer plastic mold steel like 1.2085, 1.2316, and 1.4028 and 1.2083. However, they remain unable to fulfil the high requirements of the plastics processing sector. Modern plastic products need to meet different demands and perform under various conditions. Plastic steels are able to achieve some of the demands themselves. Most molds that are corrosion resistant for plastic processing are made up of 13 per cent chromium and martensitic steels such as 1.2083 or 1.4028.

We are among the top steel companies in China, and we firmly believe that we will be the top company in a few years to come. We pay attention to details from every single client. So, if you are looking for a reliable China Plastic mold steel supplier, MILSTEEL is for you.

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