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August 2, 2019
August 2, 2019

M2 High Speed Steel Manufacturer in China


MILSTEEL are specialist in steel as an experienced M2 high speed steel manufacturer. At MILSTEEL we believe, you get what we pay for. In today’s corporate world of cold steel work where the majority of steel-related products offered are of inferior quality, it will be heartening for you to know that our work steel d2 and M2 steel products are manufactured in the top quality production system.

M2 high-speed tool steel is high-speed tungsten-molybdenum steel with a well-balanced carbon composition with high-toughness. It is also known as DIN 1.3343 and JIS SKH51 steel. It is comfortable to overheat, control the quenching heat temperature is essential, and the requirements of heat treatment protection are strict. It is widely used for making cutting tools due to its immense hardness and resistance towards wear. In most applications, high-speed tool steel has replaced T1 steel. It has become the primary choice of clients because of its significant performance and immensely high-performance price ratio.

The shaping of M2 high-speed tool steel might be operated using grinding techniques. However, the grinding ability is not too much good. So, they are known as ‘medium’ machinability tool steel under annealing conditions. The capability of machining related to high speed steel is only 50 per cent as compared to machinable W group or water-hardening tool steels.

M2 high Speed Steel Manufacturer and Supplier in China

As far as annealing is concerned, heat up to 1600 degrees Fahrenheit, soak immensely at heat.  Furnace cool 25 to 90 degrees Fahrenheit per hour, air cool to room temperature. M2 high speed steel, typically, is preheated prior to hardening, then heated quickly from 2610 to 3960 degree Celsius. The steel gets cooled within 3 to 5 minutes and quenched in salt, air, oil or bath.

There are different applications of high speed steel. The tool steel is used for cutting tools where demands for moderate for hot hardness such as milling tools, broaching tools, reamers, taps, twist drills and metal saws. M2 is also quite suitable for cold work applications like forming, punching and pressing.

MILSTEEL has its processing and cutting department. Specifications can be customized and cut as per your requirements. We provide M2 high speed steel in square, round and flat bar. We offer a range of locally produced metals solely focused on tool steel for incorporation into jigs, tools, and fixture. Our integrated quality and work management system is continuously being improved and developed further.

We are a seasoned and professional stockiest of steel with a high-quality stand since 2008. As a professional M2 High Speed Steel Manufacturer, we always try to serve our clients with the required products. So, if you are looking for an experienced and expert M2 steel manufacturer, we are the best option for you.

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