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August 2, 2019
August 2, 2019

Hot Work Tool Steel H13 Manufacturer in China


Mofussil International Limited (MILSTEEL) is counted as the prominent Hot work tool steel H13 Manufacturer in china. In today’s world of steel where the majority of products offered are of inferior quality, you will be glad to know that our H13 hot work tool steel and rust proof mirror products are manufactured in the top quality production system.

H13 tool steel is a chromium-based work tool steel that is widely used in cold and hot work tooling applications. H13 work tool steel is categorized as group H steels in accordance with AISI classification methodology. This series of work steel commence from H1 and ends at H19.

MILSTEEL’s H13 tool steel provides various characteristics. The attributes include better resistance to corrosion both at low and high temperatures. High and uniform level of ductility and toughness. High level of polish ability, machinability. It also provides best through-hardening characteristics. As a prominent Hot work tool steel H13 Supplier, we provide H13 steel of very restricted distortion during the process of hardening.

In hot work steel H13, the vanadium and molybdenum act as strengthening materials. The chromium content helps die steel H13 to resist softening while at high temperature. Our H13 die steels offer a brilliant combo of abrasion and shock resistance and keep good red hardness. Work tool steel H13 possess good weld-ability, good machinability, and excellent ductility and can be made through conventional means. Because of an excellent combination of fatigue resistance and high toughness provided by H13 tool steel, hot work tool steel is more useful as compared to any other tool steel in tooling applications.

Hot work tool steel H13 Supplier

There are several applications provided by H13 tool steel. H13 hot tool steel is used for extrusion. A hot work tool steel H13 Supplier offers this to use in liners, dies, backers, die-holders, dummy blocks and stems. H13 tool steel also applies to plastic molding. It can be used as injection molds compression or transfer molds.

Some further applications include die-casting shot sleeves, cavities for die casting dies, extrusion dies, plastic mold cavities, hot forging dies and components that need excellent polishability and high toughness.

In order to produce competitive steel products to meet quality standards and our customers’ demands, our work management system and integrated quality are consistently improving and developing further. We gladly state that our quality management system is certified under the International Standards Organization (ISO) 9001. We accompany quality audits on a regular basis.

We are operating in the steel industry since 2008. With rich experience in the steel sector, MILSTEEL has now molded into a prominent specialty supplier in the Chinese industry. We provide excellent customer support and supreme quality steel products. So, if you are looking for a trustworthy hot work tool steel H13 Manufacturer in china, MILSTEEL is the only choice for you.

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