August 2, 2019
D2 Flat bar
August 2, 2019

China Cold Work Steel D2 D3 Supplier


MILSTEEL is a renowned China cold work steel d2 d3 supplier. In today’s world of cold steel work where the majority of products offered are of inferior quality, it will be heartening to know that our steel products are manufactured in the top quality production system. Typically, the steel we provide will need a double temper at least, for the cold steel to have dimensional stability during application. D2 D3 type of cold work steel is considered as ‘dimensionally stable’ work steel.

Mostly, work steel that we offer is of high carbon steels that comprise relatively low alloy additions of manganese, chromium, tungsten and molybdenum. The additions of these alloys increase hardenability, allowing oil quenching with less distortion compared to the W series. Apart from m2 high speed steel, D2 D3 steel is relatively inexpensive steels, and their high content of carbon produces adequate wear resistance for short-run applications.

In this type of steel, several manufacturers market composition steels adjusted for meeting specific needs. Undoubtedly, the cold work steels can be classified among the longest tonnage used for tool producing, and the reason is that it is least expensive, affording a high-degree non-distortion in heat treatment. The short-run application cannot be rivalled.

Work steel is supplied in strip and sheet, flat stock. These steels support a broad range of industrial usage ranging from home appliance, automotive, industrial and furniture building.

China Cold Work Steel D2 D3 Supplier and Manufacturer

Suppliers use cold work steel during cold drawing a bar from the hot roll for making it more machinable. No heat is required for a cold work process, and no chip is removed in the method for moving the metal into shape.

The cold steel changes its mechanical attributes, and its surface finish is improved through the process. The change is made through a process known as cold working. Through this process, the cold work steel is kept at room temperature. At the room temperature beyond the steel’s elastic range, the strength of plastic deformation and steel rigidity get increased, and toughness and plasticity get decreased.

MILSTEEL’s D2 D3 cold steel is treatable through heat and offers you a hardness within the range of 58-64 HRC. It provides the property of abrasion resistance when polished. In general terms, the application which AISI D3 work steel offers is similar to those of D2 steel. However, you should remember that alloy steel D3 has better wear resistance, as mentioned earlier. It is also preferred for items like shear blades.

The general application includes profile rolls, shear blades for cutting, cutting which is highly stressed, pressure pads, deep drawing, shear knives for thin sheets, stone processing equipment, plastic molds with high wear resistance. Due to high wear resistance, D3 cold work steel is slightly tough to grind than D2. Contact us if you are looking for the most reliable China Cold work steel D2 D3 Supplier.

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