Trusted Specialty Steel Specialist

Mofussil International Limited (MIL steel) is operating as steel specialist since 2008. We offer a range of steel-based products to a variety of industries.

Milsteel is renowned for producing various tool steels. We provide tool steels which are the best-suited product to incorporate into fixture, tools and jigs.

We offer steel materials that are different in sizes and conditions. We prepare hot and cold work tool steel that satisfy our customers’ needs. We provide steel in flat bars, square bars, round bars and in a plate shape.

We have a rich experience to work in the steel industry. We are renowned as a trusted steel supplier in China. To produce and deliver quality steel is our recognition.


Knowing that delivering goods to customers' hands on time is as important as providing quality goods, we treat every business transaction as a priority.


In order to realise competitive products to fulfil our customers' demands and quality considerations, our integrated quality and work management system is continuously being improved and developed further..